About me

My research work is actually oriented through the following fields:
  • Structural characterization of inorganic materials by application of various spectroscopic techniques.
  • Electrodeposition of metal, alloy, composite nanostructured coatings.
  • Synthesis and characterization (microstructure – properties – photocatlytic, mechanical, corrossion) of coatings.
  • Synthesis of metallic and alloy nanostructures (nanowires, nanotubes and nanostructured templates).
  • Synthesis and characterisation of "smart" nanocomposites for self-cleaning, antibacterial and anticancer applications.
  • Wastewater treatment by development of metal removal processes, as well as green technologies based on novel nanomaterials.
  • Exploiting new technologies in the production of multimedia and digital educational material for chemistry and chemical technology teaching.


English (written)100%
English (spoken)100%
German (written)85%
German (spoken)85%

What I do

Scientific activities

I am a reviewer in 22 scientific journals.

Research work

I have participated so far in 32 national and international projects and I am always interested in new research.


I collaborate with 19 academic and research institutes, as well as various industrial and technological companies.

A few facts about my work....


Educational work

I am currently a professor at the National Technical University of Athens, School of Chemical Engineering, teaching a variety of undergraduate and master courses.

As part of my duties, I have supervised over 30 theses, and participated in the examining committee of more than 70 of them.

Fields of interest


Electrodeposition of metal, alloy, composite nanostructured coatings. Electrochemical production of metallic nanotubes, nanowires and inorganic patterns for the synthesis of 1D nanostructures

"Smart" nanoparticles

Synthesis of «smart» composite nanoparticles encapsulated in polymer matrix for improved self-cleaning, antimicrobial and anticancer activity.

Characterization techniques

XRD, XRF, micro-Raman, UV-Vis, AFM, SEM-EDAX, Photon correlation, Brillouin, optical microscopy, tribological, micro-hardness and roughness measurements.

Green technologies

Development of green technogies for metal recovery from solid waste, removal of heavy metals from industrial wastewater and oil spill recovery.

Inorganic materials

Synthesis and purification of high chemical and optical purity inorganic salts. Sol-gel synthesis of inorganic semiconductor nanopowders.


Exploiting new technologies in the production of multimedia and digital educational material for secondary and high level education. Research in chemistry and chemical technology modern teaching tools.

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Department of Chemical Sciences 
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