Raman scattering from alkali metal halide melt mixtures: composition and temperature effects

S.G. Kalogrianitis, T.G. Mihopoulos, E.A. Pavlatou, G.N. Papatheodorou

Reduced isotropic and anisotropic Raman spectra were measured for a series of molten alkali metal halides and their mixtures. The systems involving CsX and LiX (X=Cl, Br, I) were investigated at different temperatures and compositions. The spectra of the common anion mixtures show two bands which appear to be a superposition of the bands of the component salts. Similar is the spectra behavior of the common cation salts. The data are interpreted in terms of the fluctuations of the X- and Cs+ polarizabilities induced by short range ionic interactions. The Li-X pair interactions appear to be important in determining the scattered light intensity and its temperature variation. 

doi: 10.1149/199413.0284PV

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