Tribological study of Ni matrix composite coatings containing nano- and micron-SiC particles

P. Gyftou, M. Stroumbouli, E.A. Pavlatou, P. Asimidis, N. Spyrellis

Electrochimica Acta (2005), 50, 4544-4550

Nickel matrix composite coatings containing micro and nano-sized SiC particles were prepared from an additive-free Watts’ type solution under direct and pulse current conditions, in order to study the correlation between SiC particles embedding and the tribological behaviour of deposits. The wear properties of Ni/SiC composite coatings were shown to depend on the type of current, the size of the embedded particles, the weight fraction of codeposited particles, the microstructural modifications induced by codepositing SiC particles and the plating conditions. It was proved that the presence of SiC particles influences the adsorption–desorption phenomena occurring at the metal-catholyte interface during electrocrystallization and, synergically with the plating conditions, modifies the deposits microstructure thus affecting wear properties.

doi: 10.1016/j.electacta.2004.10.090

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